This is the website address that will at some time in the future provide information on the currently prospective National Plant Collection® of Allium schoenoprasum, that is, the common herb known as chives. There is already a National Plant Collection® of chives (Allium schoenoprasum) and garlic chives (Allium tuberosum) in Devon and the Allium National Plant Collection® (many more species and cultivars unattributed to species) in Surrey also has some cultivars of chives. My prospective National Plant Collection® is in Wales, thus the web address. The aim of this website, linked to the currently prospective National Plant Collection® is to provide specific information about the different cultivars with pictures related to the actual accessions I have and will be collecting in the future, which I hope will show to those who are interested the differences there are, if any, in the plants you may get from around the UK. The printed "RHS Plant Finder" and online RHS "Find a Plant" give you names and sources, if still supplying, I hope to provide actual information of their plant. This will of course be an ongoing process and will undoubtedly take years, but I hope to start adding to this website as soon as I can in 2022.

This website will not be the basis of a online shop for plants as I would prefer you to buy plants directly from the original source and support our specialist UK Herb Farms and Nurseries, that devote themselves to help conserve our garden plant heritage. "Conservation through cultivation."


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Allium schoenoprasum


Allium schoenoprasum 'Corsican White'





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